Dale Clegg

Fingerprint Consultant

Dale completed his fingerprint studies with the New South Wales Police in 1987 and successfully gained certification to attend court and offer related expert evidence. Dale has served as a sworn police officer and an unsworn fingerprint officer working with a number of police services in Australia and the United Kingdom.


Criminal Case review

Working with the legal profession consulting in all matters relating to fingerprints.


Training & Development

Delivery of tailored training presentations and development of those working in the legal profession.


Available to give presentations to public forums such as science festivals and interested community groups both in person and online.

so What are fingerprints?

The skin surface of the hands and feet are covered with small corrugated type ridges. This skin is generally referred to as Friction Ridge Skin. A ‘fingerprint’ or ‘footprint’ is a common reference to any impression created by the contact of a portion of this friction ridge skin with a suitable receiving surface.

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