Fingerprint Consultant

Specialising in:    

  • Criminal Case file review.
  • Limited exhibit/scene examination  –  Recommendation to independent forensic organisations may be provided for more complex examinations.
  • Fingerprint training, professional development and general presentation.
  • Personal identification assistance and support.

Following two years general duties policing, Dale commenced fingerprint training in 1982 with the New South Wales Police receiving certification in 1987 to attend and present expert evidence to the courts. Exercising the professional mobility associated with the role of ‘Fingerprint Expert’, Dale has also enjoyed positions with the Australian Federal Police, Nottinghamshire Police (United Kingdom), South Australia Police, Northern Territory Police and finished his career in the policing environment with the Victoria Police. With a total of 32 years working within the fingerprint environment Dale has gained considerable experience in all aspects of the fingerprint role. See below for a detail resume. 

 Available to undertake review of criminal case files, while having consideration of jurisdictional requirements (e.g. Uniform Evidence Act(s) and Expert witness code of conduct – NSW), Dale is able to provide comprehensive reviews of the fingerprint evidence proposed for presentation. Such reviews may take place in all cases where there is fingerprint evidence, or none. As an experienced trainer and presenter in all aspects of the fingerprint profession, Dale is able to tailor training and development sessions for a variety of audiences.

In addition, it is proposed to offer a service to obtain and file fingerprints of individuals for personal identification purposes. This service will be explained in more detail when this service is available.

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